THE DANDY WARHOLS Neues Album „Why You So Crazy“

The Dandy Warhols feiern ihr 25 Jähriges Bestehen mit einem neuen Album das den Namen „Why So Crazy“ trägt und am 25.01 erschienen ist. Außerdem gibt es ein neues Video zum Song „Be Alright“ mit Jessica Paré , die die meisten aus der Serie Mad Men kennen sollten. Es wurde mit einer 360° Kamera in dem eigenen Band Headquarter „Odditorium“ gedreht und zeigt unter anderem die eigene Bar, die von Taylor-Taylor geführt wird. Er selber hegt eine tiefe Leidenschaft für Weine, die auch in dem Video eine große Rolle spielt. Regie führte er selber, die Idee und das Konzept stammt von Kevin Moyer, der auch schon mit Künstlern wie Elliott Smith, Modest Mouse, Daniel Johnston, Pearl Jam, Portugal The Man und Willie Nelson zusammenarbeitete.

“The weirdest thing about it being our 25th anniversary is it doesn’t feel like 25 years. Feels like about six. Or five,” Courtney Taylor-Taylor.

„Back in 2002, the Dandy Warhols bought a ten thousand square foot building in what was then industrial NW Portland and created The Odditorium, a place that soon became their band headquarters, recording studio, and hang out for them and all their friends and fellow artists,” sagt Moyer. “I’ve been there many times and it is such a cool and ethereal place, full of psychedelia and gothic touches and auras, that it just makes your head spin trying to take all of it in as you walk through the unique rock n roll space. So what better way than to use a head spinning media format to take the viewer on a magical journey through the Dandy Warhols own space and sound, with the new single ‘Be Alright’ making things exactly that along the way.“

“We’ve always been driven to create art with emotional clarity,” sagt Taylor-Taylor. “That’s what the world needs more than ever right now. I’ve never felt so strongly that people are losing their minds, and it’s more of them than ever before. Local politics, international politics, news programs, sitcoms, and our president all feel like the heat got turned up. It doesn’t feel like a natural progression of insanity, it just happened. Most people are behaving in a manner that can only be described as batshit crazy.”

2019 geht es für die Band auf Europa Tour. In Deutschland werden sie am
27.01 in Berlin im Festsaal Kreuzberg zu sehen sein. Keyboarderin Zia McCabe sorgt sich ein wenig über die Setlist: „“Oh man, how are we going to fit something from each album into our set? Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out and it will be legendary. Get ready for a massive concussion of rock and roll that’s been a quarter of a century in the making.”

The Dandy Warhols are:

Courtney Taylor-Taylor (vocals, guitar)
Zia McCabe (keyboards, vocals)
Peter Holmström (guitar)
Brent DeBoer (drums)